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Earn up to $310 for each sale with our Omicroom Web Associate Program.

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We provide to our associates a range of tools

We provide to our associates a range of tools to maximize the results of their work as professional sales and advertising agents.

We offer the CRM to facilitate the concentration of the work of the associates, marketing via emails, strategy via the use of social networks, personal websites and external websites, etc.

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Fill this form with the right and truthful data. We will carefully review your application
and respond via cell phone to residents of Canada and the United States of America. For all other regions of the world we will respond via email.

Important note

This form does not compromise the potential associate in any way. We require all applicants to notify 7 days before the withdrawal of the partnership agreement.

Principal Prices range

Website price Percentage Salary/sale
$C399.00 CAD 17% $C67.83 CAD
$C699.00 CAD 17% $C118.83 CAD
$C999.00 CAD 20% $199.8 CAD
$C1,500.00 CAD 20% $310 CAD